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Nurse Training and Career Growth

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At Waterbury HEALTH we pride ourselves in quality nursing training and career growth programs. 

For information on clinical placement for nursing students contact: Waterbury Hospital Education Department: 203-573-6261

Our Graduate Nurse Residency Program

  • Led by a team of experienced nurse educators
  • Orientation tailored for experience and unit requirements
  • Multiple cohort start dates
  • 32- hours general GN interactive classes
  • Specialty-specific GN education
  • 1:1 preceptor pairing for orientation
  • Frequent progress meetings with preceptor, educator, & manager
  • Off-shift Clinical Resource Nurse available for support 5 days/week
  • Ongoing GN Peer Support Education Sessions throughout the first year
  • Mentorship program available
  • Loan re-payment/tuition reimbursement benefits available
  • Clinical Ladder option after completion of first year

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