VNA Health at Home Services


We offer a wide range of healthcare services that can be given in the comfort of your own home to help you recover from an illness, injury, or recent surgery. Home health care is more convenient, just as effective, and usually less expensive than what you would receive at a hospital or skilled nursing facility.  

VNA Health at Home provides the following comprehensive and personalized services to our patients: 

  • Skilled nursing: A team of professional nurses work closely with the patient, family members, and a physician to assess, treat, and coordinate care. 
  • Anti-coagulant therapy management: Our team provides education related to anti-coagulant medications and provides blood INR monitoring in the home setting.  
  • Wound care: Nurses provide specialized care to treat all types of wounds, ostomies, and continence issues. We also have Wound Certified nurses on staff to ensure best outcomes for all of our wound patients. 
  • Physical therapy: Skilled treatment aimed at restoring physical function and optimal quality of life as it relates to mobility, safety, and health. 
  • Occupational therapy: Skilled treatment aimed at restoring skills necessary for independent living. 
  • Speech therapy: Skilled treatment focused on retraining impaired speech and language disorders, improving communication abilities, and decreasing swallowing difficulties.  
  • Medical social work: Social workers provide support and referral information for the emotional, psycho-social, and financial stresses that often accompany illness or injury. 
  • Home health aide: Assistance with activities of daily living, monitor a patient’s physical and mental condition, and handle emergencies.   
  • Hospital to home program: Innovative program for joint replacement patients that enables them to go directly home after a total hip or total knee replacement.